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LotRO Strategy Guide

killerguides-lord-of-the-rings-online-guide1. Killerguides Lord of the Rings Online Strategy Guide

Rating: ★★★★★ 

The guide with the best overall ratings is without a doubt Killerguides strategy guide. It’s an amazing all-in-one guide for Lord of the Rings with plenty of tips, tricks, secrets and strategies from different areas of the game which are useful for both new and experienced players. It’s a fun and educational read which no LotR player should miss and my top recommendation.

2. LotRO Elite

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

LotRO Elite is a guide aimed at absolute beginners. Most of the info inside are just stuff taken from various websites and put together as a whole. It includes an introduction to creating characters, class and race descriptions, descriptions of locations and crafting skills, list of emotes… In short, generic stuff which you can find somewhere else for free. As I said, this is merely a collection of generic game information, and why it’s called a strategy guide is beyond me. Get Killerguides.

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